Callington Honey Fair Wednesday 7th October 2015
Callington Heritage Centre

By: Callington Heritage Centre
Added: 03 October 2015

In 1267 King Henry VIII awarded a charter granting the town the right to hold a weekly market and an annual three day fair on the eve, day and morrow of Lady Day. In due course the three day fair disappeared to be replaced by four one day fairs. At some stage towards the end of the 19c a lot of honey was brought in from the surrounding neighbourhood and the first Wednesday in October became recognised as Honey Fair day. 

The holding of the Honey Fair lapsed until in 1978, a local man, John Trevithick, revived the tradition. In 1979 the Lions Club of Callington took over the running of the fair from then to this day.

Rowlands funfair will be here from Wednesday to Saturday.

The Heritage Centre does not open on Honey Fair day because the stewards are involved elswhere!

This year the new model of Callington Railway Station, built by a team of volunteers led by Michael Farr,  will be on show in the Town Hall. We would be pleased to welcome you there.

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