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By: Laura Christon
Added: 16 December 2013

The Hayle Churks FREE iPhone app created by Lucy Frears will be published on iTunes in January 2014.  Made to experience while walking around Hayle with iPhone and headphones there is also a manual mode so that people can access the memories/ photos etc... whether they are in Hayle or not... anywhere in Britain/ the world and ...not just on iPhones but also iPads, iPods etc....  Members of the public were asked to give their feedback and changes were made after two open tests.      The app has been made using Hayle Oral History Project recordings and new interviews.  Many archives were used in research and to provide images but especially Hayle Community Archive.

The app is partly funded by a Heritage Lottery Fund All Our Stories grant in partnership with Falmouth University and has been made during ESF supported PhD research.

More information can be found on the Hayle history facebook page

Or at|photos/list/cache/0/#/get/recent/show/all/<>

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