Land Settlement (Facilities) Act of 1919
Callington Heritage Centre

By: Callington Heritage Centre
Added: 20 November 2015

This act enabled local authorities such as Cornwall Council to purchase farms that could be sub-divided into smaller holdings that could be let to men returning from the hostilities of WW1. The act made a provision that the Ministry of Agriculture would bear the cost, and also the whole of any loss incurred in the first six years of operation from March 1st 1920. 

As a result on the 14th of August 1919, the sale of the Quethiock Estate placed 4,200 acres of land on the market. Some of this land was purchased by a Mr Wilson, acting for Cornwall Council. Above market prices were paid, which prohibited the existing tenants from buying the land they farmed. 

The Heritage Centre has a catalogue relating to the sale, the purchasers and the prices paid. It makes for interesting reading.

The Centre has also acquired a book, "A Victorian Village" by Mary French which deals extensively with this subject, and which is available to visitors.

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