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By: Kathy Hill
Added: 07 October 2014

As part of this year’s Newlyn Arts Festival, four artists will take up residence in the village

Jess Polglase

Harbour Market Window 2014
at Lewis’s Fish & Chip Shop

Taking influence from architecture, Jess Polglase photographs site-specific ceilings and then reduces them to pure line. She then maps out geometric shapes onto walls or, most recently, windows, with thin black tape. For Newlyn Arts Festival her lines will be viewed from both the inside and outside of the chip shop windows, creating two different backgrounds to the work, and a new way of working for her. The lines will be taken from the fish market ceiling in Newlyn Harbour, although they are not meant to be recognisable to the audience. Instead we are asked to question perspective and the way in which Polglase’s construction works in the space it fills.  Jess will be installing her work on Sunday 5th October, 9am-4pm and it will be on show for the duration of the Festival.


Tim Ridley

The Swordfish
at The Swordfish pub
4th, 7th & 8th October, 2-6pm

“I will make charcoal on paper drawings set in and around the Swordfish Inn, these will include animal/human figures from my archive of found images gleaned from print media. The final images will have an uncanny feel and some humour, which will be in part due to their titles.”

Biljana Lipic

Fishermen's Hands
at various locations around the village and harbour.
1st - 5th October

“As a dance artist I work with the concept of embodiment. To me, bodies tell personal stories about our universal humanity. Fishermen's survival is predominantly dependent on their hands. So, during this residency, using photography, I shall seek to observe and 'catch' the Newlyn fishermen’s individual characters and life stories, embodied through their hands. I plan to move between the harbour, the market, the boats, and the pubs, to find the fishermen in their working and leisure environments. My goal is to show in as personal and intimate way as possible, the work and the lives of these men who are also some of our last hunters. 

Faye Dobinson

All At Sea: Exhibiting Chance
at The Fishermen’s Mission
6th- 10th & 13th - 17th October, 12- 2pm

“I will be sketching, talking and finding out about tides, charts and other means of navigation from visiting fishermen and the regulars at The Mission. I will listen to their tales and make small art works, ten of which will be sent off in bottles (akin to a ‘message in a bottle’). Inside there will also be my contact details, hoping that whoever finds it records where it ended up, and know that they are part of a wider project. The work will go out with the fishermen that I meet, and who will throw the art from their boats at a point they believe will give the bottle the best chance of it travelling further afield.

Newlyn Arts Festival runs 4th -18th October.

In its eighth year, Newlyn Art Festival continues to bring together events and exhibitions involving artists and makers in Newlyn.  Newlyn Art Gallery is pleased to once again be part of the festival, celebrating the wealth and breadth of creativity in the village.

In addition to the artists in residence in the village, there will be a number of makers and craftspeople in residence at Newlyn Art Gallery, 4th – 11th October. These include a net maker, a creel maker, a potter and a rag rugger. They will relocate from their usual workshops and set up in the gallery for the week, working and making as they normally would, allowing visitors to see their working process.

There will also be a range of events at various venues in the village including Newlyn Art Gallery, The Centre, Fisherman’s Mission and the Tolcarne Inn.

Newlyn Art Gallery, New Road, Newlyn TR18 5PZ
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Mon – Sat, 10am-5pm, free admission, donations welcome


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