Penryn Town Museum

Penryn Town Museum

Penryn museum is located in the centre of the town on the ground floor of the town hall: it's collections covers every aspect of Penryn’s fascinating history including toys, household objects, advertisements, Glasney stone, lots of historic photographs and much more. Penryn has been a thriving port even before its neighbour Falmouth had sprung up.

The town was mentioned in the Doomsday book in 1086 and has a rich and varied history.

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  • Fire Engine

    Penryn's oldest fire engine that was once believed to date from the the 1860's takes pride of place in the museum collections. It consists of a hardwood lead-lined cistern, four solid wooden wheels with metal tyres and contains two single action pump barrels with an air vessel to ensure a smooth flow of water. It would have been filled by buckets or a suction pump. The lateral or side leavers, and basic form, closely resemble Richard Newsham's second design patented in 1725.

  • The Enys Family Collection

    As merchants, landlords and philanthropists the Enys family shaped Penryn's past.

  • Penryn's domestic past

    The museum houses a variety of objects that paint a picture of life in Penryn's colourful past. From children's toys including a beautifully decorated carousel horse to a Cornish stove and cooking implements there is plenty to stir the imagination.

  • Violetta Thurston

    Violetta Thurston is often referred to as the €śFlorence Nightingale€ť of the 1st World War she lived in Penryn in her later years. She was given medals awarding her bravery by both the Belgian and Russian leaders. In 1918 she was in charge of Arab refugee camps and supervised the construction of woven carpets, this brought her into the world of teaching, gaining an expertise in dyeing and weaving.

  • Glasney College Dig

    In 2003 volunteers worked together to excavate the site on which they believed Glasney College had once stood. Founded by Bishop Bronescombe of Exeter in 1265 during the middle ages this college would have been considered a hugely important ecclesiastical establishment. The college inhabitants wrote and performed miracle plays. The building was modelled on Exeter cathedral and you can find the results of the €śGlasney Dig€ť along with some background information on the college's history within Penryn museum.

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