Phase one of the Newlyn Art Garden has been completed

Phase one of the Newlyn Art Garden has been completed
Newlyn Art Gallery

By: K Hill
Added: 21 August 2013


Phase one of the Newlyn Art Garden has been completed, thanks to our local supporters and friends. 

We now have a beautiful front entrance area featuring  granite paving instead of a muddy yard, raised beds  and gravel filled with plants and grasses suitable for the marine environment , a disabled parking area, cafe seating and outdoor lighting. 

We will soon be working with artist Jonty Lees, who will be running workshops for children working on design ideas for a bespoke cycle rack that will support the national cycle route that passes by the gallery. We hope that eventually it will also be the home of bicycles for visitors to travel between Newlyn and our other venue, The Exchange in Penzance.

The Newlyn Art Garden is part of a larger programme of activities designed to invite community participation in the design of the gallery and creating a vibrant useable space for residents and visitors, and we’ve already taken visitors suggestions on board when creating our front garden. Later in the year, together with artists Tom Raffield, Ann Marie Fairbrother and Jamie Ward, we will be working with WILD young parents and Story Of Mum, a group of young people, and children from Newlyn School to contribute to the ongoing design of the garden.

Phase one of the project has been supported by The Headley Trust, W Stevenson, Penwith and Truro College, Patrick Gale and many other supporters. Please or for further details

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