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By: Callington Heritage Centre
Added: 04 September 2015

An invoice dated March 1935 proved interesting for various reasons. The "electricity shop" premises in Church Street, Callington, is no longer there, having been demolished in the 1960s. The telephone number consists of two digits, being Callington 63. It also tells us that there were separate meters for lighting, power and heating. From this invoice it appears that the householder billed had electric lighting only, the electricity for this supplied at a penny farthing (1.25 "old" pence) per unit. With a quartely standing charge of fifteen shillings and seven pence and a charge of ten shillings and ten pence for the electricity actually used, the total bill came to one pound, six shillings and five pence (less than £1.50 in decimal coinage for the quarter). 

It is also interesting to note that farthings, at 960 to the £1, continued to be legal tender until 1960. 

Looking at this one small piece of paper made us realise just how different a world we face today.

One phrase in the "terms and conditions" was that, "Consumers letting their homes furnished will be held responsible for all Current used by their temporary tenants".

Older members remember the adaptors that enabled people to run items such as  electric irons from the lighting circuit! Terrifying by todays standards.

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