Tours of Tin Streaming Mill at Cornwall Gold in June

Tours of Tin Streaming Mill at Cornwall Gold in June
Wheal Martyn

By: Rachel Bell
Added: 23 May 2016

Thursday 19th May marked the media launch of an exciting new service available at Cornwall Gold in June - guided tours inside its tin streaming mill.

Manager Steve Ackland led the tour, saying "This is such a fantastic site but people don't always know what they're looking at. We've introduced plaques around the site with information on them but we think the guided tours will help the public to engage with the tin streaming works and become familiar with stories about people and events from the past here at Tolgus Tin."

The tour walked the group through the steps for streaming tin, and explained how rock from local mining waste was pulverised by huge stamping machines and how sand and river deposits were sifted, washed and sorted to isolate precious tin ore.

It was explained that the tin produced is of 99.9% purity and is smelded with silver or gold to create some of the stunning jewellery available in the shop. The tour ended with a film showing the streaming mill in use years ago and promoting how Cornwall Gold presently use the mill.

Our Museums Development Assistant Rachel Bell says "The tours are a brilliant way of engaging with the history here at Tolgus, and I feel I've taken away an understanding of what working life would have been like when the mill was in use at different points in history. What engages people with museums and heritage sites is personal stories and the guided tour provides this as it takes us on a journey through the processes involved in tin streaming.

It's great to see the way in which tin is streamed in the present day and to know that you can take away your own piece of Cornish History by choosing a unique piece of jewellery from the shop. Seeing how your jewellery was made makes it a great treasure, and I'm delighted to see the expansion of the Cornwall Gold site."

Tours start in June.  Contact Cornwall Gold -

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