Transition 2016

Transition 2016
Newlyn Art Gallery

By: Kathy Hill
Added: 20 October 2015

Transition is an annual opportunity for artists, or artist groups, to use the gallery space to consider how a series of works is developing or to try out ideas for an installation or interactive project. Each artist will be given a week-long slot in either the lower or upper gallery, with a total of eight projects over the four weeks. In-house support and a small project budget will be available.

Transition gives artists the time and space to take ideas forward in a public environment, aiming to resolve conceptual and practical issues, without the constraints of presenting a finalised exhibition.

Proposals should give a provisional outline of the project, the artworks and media involved. They should indicate how the time and gallery space will be used. The weekly slots include five working days (Tuesday – Saturday).

Transition 2016 will take place at Newlyn Art Gallery 16th Feb – 12th Mar 2016

Proposal details
Deadline: Monday 16th November 2015

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