VJ Day (15th August 1945) celebration at Albaston

VJ Day (15th August 1945) celebration at Albaston
Callington Heritage Centre

By: Callington Heritage Centre
Added: 14 August 2015

August 15th 1945 (Victory in Japan) signalled the official end to WWII. Individual Japanes soldiers on Pacific Islands would continue hostilities for years to come.

The atom bombs dropped earlier on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were instrumental in bringing a conclusion to the war in the Pacific Theatre.

Today we question the use of these weapons but for the people who suffered at the hands of the Japanese this was a welcome event at that time. Countless lives and much suffering on both sides was felt to be prevented as a result.

The photograph shows the people attending the celebration tea at Albaston in 1945, held to commemorate the event. We know that this photograph can be dated 1945 because the lady holding a baby at far right is Mrs Winniefred Ethel Sanders and the baby, born the 2nd of June 1945, is Scott Sanders.

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